Garden Wedding Inspiration


Here are the sources of this lovely garden inspired board.


Paint your wedding red, an inspiration board

red-inspiration-board1The image are from the following sources

Wedding Gown
Table Setting
Wedding Invitation

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Turquoise Blue Inspiration Board


This board has turquiose blue and white motif. I especially love the bridal gown and the bridesmaid dress.

Here are the resources for the images above

Bridesmaid dress

Bride’s Gown

Wedding Invitation

Invitation with ribbon


Wedding Ring

Reception Table Center Piece

Black & White Inspiration Board


Here are the sites where these black and white inspiration board came from
From top to right

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Exceptional Wedding Ideas

1097350_wedding_ringsEvery bride and wedding planner in town wants to have a unique wedding celebration. The bride and the groom would want their wedding to have something unique for their guests to experience during the celebration. In addition to a unique wedding theme there are also many ways of celebrating the wedding that will make it truly special and one of a kind.

Having a photo booth on your wedding reception wherein guests can have their photos taken and printed immediately is a different way of giving them a remembrance on this special day. This photo booth should have a backdrop that should have the couples names printed on it repeatedly or can include a set-up of the wedding theme. The photos can be printed in duplicate one is for giving out as a wedding souvenir and the other one can be compiled in a scrapbook and guests can leave their messages to serve as a guestbook as well. Your guests will surely love this as they have dressed for the occasion and they will definitely want to have something to remember on what they looked like on your special day.

Table centerpieces is another way of customizing your wedding and making it unique. Flowers and candles are no longer the only option to use as a centerpiece on reception tables. If you wanted a plant to serve as your centerpiece, a succulent cactus is a great plant to use because it requires less maintenance and is available on different interesting shapes. Put the cactus in an elegant glass vase and wrap it with a ribbon in the color of the wedding motif.

The wedding venue is another way of making the wedding different from all the other weddings you knew. A lot of people have used a garden venue and beach venue so why not think of another venue to celebrate your wedding. Very few people have been married on a yacht, a cave, and a cinema theater so this can be an idea to have your celebration be held.

Having a unique wedding invitation is really a must on your quest to have an exceptional celebration. The invitation itself can say a lot on what your guests can anticipate on that day. Some ideas could be a magnet wedding invitation wherein your wedding invitation is printed on a magnetized material. Another idea would be to have it printed on poster size paper with artworks on it so your guests can have an option to have it hanged on their walls. The poster invitation can be encased on a paper tube. Some companies can print on any material so choose any object that will represent the couple and have the invitation wording printed on the object.

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Paper Flower Centerpiece

paper-flowerAn exceptional wedding centerpiece can make the reception truly memorable for any guests. For some it is a piece of decoration that will complement the theme of the wedding. For others it should serve as conversation piece for your guests.

Some people feel bad to throw away used flower arrangements and they feel it is a waste of money. A plastic flower is a no-no in any wedding. A flower made of paper is another way to do it, it doens’t have the lifeless quality that a plastic flower has and it can sometimes be as elegant as any genuine flower.

Just like this photo I found on flickr.

Wedding Thank You Cards

thankyoucard1I Found this website For Wedding Thank you card.

This Card Express you’re thanks to all your relatives, friends and dear ones who have participated in your grand occasion or have sent their blessings to you with this nice and simple Thank you card. Express you’re thanks to all is an excellent gesture.

This Thank You card which is for expressing your thanks to all those participated in your wedding ceremony in some form or other.

This card is available in two variations.
• Single Sheet
• One Fold
In the “One Fold” type, the inner fold is used for writing your expressions, happiness and joy.

Customized Illustrated Invitation offers personal and customised wedding invitations, birthday, or any other invitations you can think of visit the site at

This is a great idea for those looking for a really customised invitation. The designer can draw you, your dress and any other visions you have. Really interesting! It can also be set as a gift.

India Wedding Card

card2I found this Unique Wedding Invitation Cards for lovely Indian people at

This section brings to you Indian marriage cards & Hindu wedding cards in all their finery. The Most fabulous and marvelous collection of Indian wedding cards and special Indian wedding invitations.

One of the most delicate and catchy wedding cards, exclusively designed for the mob of considerable culture following hinduism. Hindu wedding cards would not only exhibit prestigious Indian traditions but would give a touch of sentiments too. Wide variety of hindu wedding cards, designer hindu wedding.

Wedding Stationary

178721-blissful-designs-has-extended-its2Found this simply and personalized website for wedding stationary. Which I personally think is cool!

The wedding stationery is more often than not the first thing a guest will see about the wedding. Everything from the type of invitation to the color, will impact on the impression a guest will have on the wedding.

Each stationery item can be personalized and boasts a huge range of color and styles to allow the bride to express herself and inform her guests about her big day.

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