Bridal Shower Favors


If you decide to combine the bridal shower and bachelor party to throw a big bash, make it an event that is intimate and allows everyone to get to know each other. A wine tasting party is something both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen can enjoy. It could be a mini getaway, a trip to a local vineyard, or a wine tasting at a home that everyone brings their favorite wine to. To tie it all together think of giving out some wine themed shower favors to all the guests, who made the time to come to the special occasion. There are plenty of wine favors that are elegant or whimsical for the taste. These favors can be high end or inexpensive. It all depends on what kind of a wine favor you want. A wine tasting shower is easy to put on. Plan a simple menu of assorted meat and cheese trays, crackers, dip, fruit, French bread and appetizers such as cheese puffs and miniature quiches.Guest  will appreciate the variety and well spend time over the assortments of food while they enjoy the shower or combined party. Whether bringing the bride and groom together for a big bash or trying to create an intimidate affair for the bride to be, a party with a unique and creative theme will do the trick. Be creative and think away from the norm to create the perfect bridal shower or wedding shower.


Make-up & Hairstyle tips


Your wedding is just one day, but the pictures will last forever. I found this online beauty tips learn how to let the beautiful you shine through to avoid too much eye shadow or too much blush.

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Wedding Invitation with Style

wedding-invitations-magnetI found this stylish wedding invitations from Magnet Invitations.

They have pre-designed templates where you can just indicated your wedding details or you can have a custom designed wedding invitation.

The site offers sample printing before you receive your final order and they also ship to international address.

This is a unique invitation idea of making your invitations magnetized. Your guest will never double book your special day again.

Ceramic Wedding Invitation

weddingcake2I found this great personalized and handpainted wedding invtitation from Kew Ceramics.

The size is 22cm in diameter for only $70 (AUD) a piece.

This ceramic invitation can also be a wedding keepsake for your guests.

This is a very unique idea which your guests will surely love.

Save the Date Invitations

nbn9442lrI found this great save-the-date wedding invitation from invites-galore.

The size is 5×5 inches.

When you order from them, you will have to detach the printed invite from the sheet, perforation is provided and assemble it yourself.

Eletronic Invitation

site-feature02I found this great site that offers electronic invitations.

Sending an electronic invitation is really easy with

First select a design, then enter your details, any message and add the recipient.

It’s easy isn’t it?

Romantic Beach Wedding

655937_sunsetMany bride-to-be dreamed of having a beach wedding. There is always a sense of romance on a sun setting at the horizon while the sound of waves splashes gently on the shore. A beach wedding theme is one of the most popular theme for couples planning to marry. Many famous Hollywood celebrities celebrate their rites on a beach and Renee Zellewegger when she and Kenny Chesney tied the knot.

Many women would want to know the design ideas that will complement a beach wedding theme. Things that women should keep in mind is that the gown, table decorations, invitation, keepsake, shoes, entourage, program, menu should all complement each other in order to complete the perfect beach wedding theme.

The Dress
The good thing about a beach set up is you don’t have to wear anything fancy. Choose fabric that is light weight such as satins, silks and chiffons in colors like white, off-white, light green or blue, white, lime, and yellow.

Most of beach dresses have length that is just above the knee, this is advisable if you have long legs. For shorter legs choose a full size straight dress that will emphasize your torso.

Venue Decorations
For your venue decorations you could add a canopy made of rattan or bamboo poles with white gauze drapery. For your table setting you could use a galvanized vase or thick bamboo with sunflowers, plumerias, saltwater taffy or orchids, brown rice stalks and long slender leaves. At the bottom of the galvanized vase you could adorn it with sand and seashells. Use thin bamboo as stand for your place cards and insert a pen into a bamboo for your guestbook.

Music and Ambiance
Play reggae music and use live instruments like bongo and bamboo flute. If it is getting dark the venue should be lighted with bamboo torch that are evenly spread out across the venue for optimal lighting.

Invitations and Keepsake
For your wedding invitation idea you could use a weathered paper and scroll it. A bamboo stick or abaca rope can keep the paper from opening then insert a stem of orchid plant or glue a seashell unto it. Another great idea is to have your photos taken on a beach with words “I hope you could be here with us” and have it printed by a magnet wedding invitation company. For your wedding keepsake you could use a small glass bottle filled with beach sand and colorful beads, hung a string of abaca rope with a small seashell and a printed paper of the details of your event.

For more wedding resources visit the Sydney City Bride site.

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Brownie Pops

Brownie Pops for your wedding dessert. This is a totally unique idea, your wedding guests will definitely love it.

These are chocolate coated brownie or blondie center  with five fab designs; bride, groom, filigree, scrolls and vintage.

Wedding Gift Suggestions


There are a lot of ideas for a perfect wedding gift but here are some tips to go about when you are having trouble to find one.

First of all you must know the couple and their needs. One simple thing to always keep in mind is that, you should be buying them something that is different from everyone else.

Secondly, you must be able to give something they will cherish not only on their wedding day but their entire married life. Thirdly, keep in mind that it is better to veer away from kitchen appliances and dinner wares since these will be common almost other guess. Fourth, keep in mind the gift you are buying is for the couple and not for separate individuals. Fifth, it is always nice to neatly wrap the gifts and following the color theme of the wedding. And finally check out for discounted items in the net or near by stores for best buys. Follow these tips and surely you will plaster a smile on the groom and the bride’s faces.

Some helpful tips for a perfect wedding


Wedding day is such a joyful celebration not only to the couple that is getting married but to the family and friend who would witness this occasion. Every groom and bride wants there wedding to be a perfect one, here are some helpful tips to avoid stress on your wedding date:

  • have a specific theme
  • don’t go beyond the budget
  • ask for your relatives/friends for help
  • prepare ahead of time
  • compromise with the groom and bride’s family
  • make sure to have alternative plan if everything else fail
  • and most of all enjoy planning your own wedding for this will be a start of a lifetime

For perfect weddings visit

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