Bridal Shower Favors


If you decide to combine the bridal shower and bachelor party to throw a big bash, make it an event that is intimate and allows everyone to get to know each other. A wine tasting party is something both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen can enjoy. It could be a mini getaway, a trip to a local vineyard, or a wine tasting at a home that everyone brings their favorite wine to. To tie it all together think of giving out some wine themed shower favors to all the guests, who made the time to come to the special occasion. There are plenty of wine favors that are elegant or whimsical for the taste. These favors can be high end or inexpensive. It all depends on what kind of a wine favor you want. A wine tasting shower is easy to put on. Plan a simple menu of assorted meat and cheese trays, crackers, dip, fruit, French bread and appetizers such as cheese puffs and miniature quiches.Guest  will appreciate the variety and well spend time over the assortments of food while they enjoy the shower or combined party. Whether bringing the bride and groom together for a big bash or trying to create an intimidate affair for the bride to be, a party with a unique and creative theme will do the trick. Be creative and think away from the norm to create the perfect bridal shower or wedding shower.


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