Create your own wedding invitation

1079104_redA personalized wedding invitation gives a touch of importance to it judging by the time spent creating it. Some people wanted to try creating their own but they are hindered with insecurities on the outcome of the said endeavor.

There are many creative ideas for making your own wedding invitation and it only takes a day or two to create fifty to one hundred invites. For those who are really skeptic if they can do it, try one invitation first and if you feel that you have a knack to do it then go for it.

Here is a wedding invitation idea to try.

First you will need two kinds of paper: a specialty board paper preferably with texture, and a matching colored paper. The two types of paper should have the same color hue, one can be a lighter or darker version of the other one. You can also use papers with different colors depending on the color motif of the wedding.

Then you will need some paper twine. Normally paper twines are light brown to dark brown in color, so a brown paper twine is a neutral color and you don’t have to worry about mismatching colors.

Then you will an accent piece that will hold the papers and the paper twine together. It can be a big sequin, a round colored paper board with holes, or a small wedding novelty item. Keep in mind that the item must have holes in order to insert the paper twine to keep the invitation together

For the tools you will need glueticks, a gluegun, scissors, computer with printer or a black pen, a ruler and a paper puncher.

Start by determining the size of your wedding invitation. To minimize waste paper, divide the letter-size paper into four. Then cut the specialty paper but make it one centimeter bigger on all sides than the normal paper.

If you have a computer layout the wording first then print or if you don’t have you can cut the paper into four and write your invitation wording. You can ask someone who has a legible and nice handwriting to write the invitation for you.

Once you have the specialty paper and the normal paper cut into the desired size join the two papers together having one edge of the two papers slightly aligned. Then punch two holes.

For the paper twine, cut the twine into a length that will allow you to insert the twine into the holes of the paper and will still allow you to cross the twine into opposite sides. Then insert the twine into the holes of the two paper having the specialty paper at the bottom. Insert the paper twine into the hole of the accent piece. Glue the back of the twine to the paper and to the accent piece and glue the two papers together to keep it form moving.

After you have done your first piece determine a systematic way to recreate it so the next pieces will have the same construction.

Now if you really need the experts to do it for you and you wanted a unique invitation why not try magnetized wedding invitation.

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