Hindu Weddings


Hindu wedding elaborate ritual and appear far more exotic than anything you may have seen or experienced in the typical American wedding. Hindu weddings are colourful, joyful, and highly religious occasions. The groom wears traditional sherwani and pagri or turban on his head. Where the bride wears ethnic Indian sari and jewelry.Traditional Hindu wedding ceremonies mostly lasts for four to five days. And the function is divided into three parts pre wedding ceremony, main day ceremony and post wedding ceremony. Each day has its own significance and meaning. The pre wedding celebrations mainly includes engagement, sangeet, mehendi, haldi and tilak. Each of the custom has an importance. The main day function is the wedding day and the post day rituals include vidaai and reception. These are some of the important rituals and customs that sum up the Indian marriage ceremony. The marriage ceremonies are supposed to take place at an open space under a decorated canopy usually called mandap. The Hindu weddings are conducted by the pandit or priest who is the master of ceremonies. One of the most important ritual of Hindu wedding is the seven step or sapta padi taken together by the bride and the groom while the seven vows or promise led by a priest or Brahmin. They take the vows before god symbolized by fire and light. These seven promises taken together by the bride and groom build’s the foundation of their relationship and marriage. It speaks of the loyalty, love, and commitment they will share in their married life. This is what Hindu wedding is all about. About tradition, culture and enjoyment.

Hindu wedding ceremonies are one of the worlds most interesting to observe. Although the actual ceremonies can vary, Hindu’s are very careful to stick their basic traditions of the Hindu religion. People from different strata of the society celebrate according to their status but the real significance behind the marriage remains same in every society. And that is coming together of two souls for eternity.


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