Unique Wedding Invitations

Wedding preparation is a strenuous endeavor for most bride-to-be especially if she will be the one to make the necessary planning for it. After setting the date for the wedding day it is time to make the wedding invitations. It is advisable to send out the wedding invitation for at least two months prior to the wedding day.

A unique invitation for the wedding is what every bride dreams of after all no one wants an invitation that is mass produced. A wedding invitation that is unique will amaze quests even before the wedding. The guests will surely remember the wedding date.

There are many unique wedding invitation ideas on the internet today. Below are just a few of those ideas.

Compact Disc Wedding Invitation
A compact disc wedding invitation is truly unique and it can also serve as wedding keepsake. This wedding invitation can include favorite love songs by the couple. It can also include a video of photos by the couple. The video can have a story of how the two grew up and how they have met. Nice photos of memories shared together by the couple should also be included. The finale of the video can be a photo of the engagement.


Wedding Invitation on a Glass Jar

This wedding invitation is another keepsake for your guests. This can be put on display in the living room as a reminder of the wedding date. The wedding information can be either engraved on the glass or a printed piece of paper with the information can be inserted inside the glass gar. Just fill the jar with colored pebbles, marbles or colored sand.


Pillow Wedding Invitation
The wedding information can be embroidered or printed on the cloth. A photo of the couple can also be included in the print-out. A watercolor effect on the photo can be used on the print to add elegance.


Ceramic Wedding Invitation
A ceramic wedding invitation is also another unique wedding invitation idea. For a more personalized touch the couple can design the ceramic. There are many items made of ceramic which can have a personalized print on it such as a plate, a mug or a coaster. For the plate, a stand can also be provided so it can be a wedding keepsake.


Magnet Wedding Invitation
Another unique wedding invitation idea is a magnetic invitation. It can be a printed invitation with magnet or a newly wed couple figurine with magnet.



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